The Mickelloo Story

With humble beginnings at a farmhouse table in South Australia’s Clare Valley, Mickelloo was born out of creator Nicky White’s desire for statement jewellery that really captured her personality.

Not content with other accessories on the market, Nicky asked for a hammer and stamp set for Christmas in 2010 and set about creating her own statement pieces.

In what has become a trademark for Mickelloo, the jewellery soon captured other people’s attention and they began asking for their own, individualised designs.

In many ways, Mickelloo ‘found’ Nicky, but stumbling across a new business idea unleashed her boundless passion for new ideas, design and creating individual style for her many followers.

The range has grown and evolved and now includes personalised, hand-stamped sterling silver and gold filled jewellery, vintage-inspired statement accessories, high quality leather goods and bohemian-style leather jewellery, and textiles including Nicky’s versatile ‘Scardi’ range.

Effortless, uncomplicated and individual style is part of the inspiration and appeal of Mickelloo.

When she is not hand stamping jewellery, sewing her ever-popular Scardis, cutting leather or letting her design energy run wild, Nicky White is a mum to three children and helps run the family farm, , Mickelloo, located at the northern outskirts of South Australia’s Clare Valley with husband Joel … who just happens to be a great sounding board to Nicky’s boundless new ideas.

One Life, One Journey

Mickelloo…..as individual as you